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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Fall 2022


This spring, 4 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories about relating and finding community.

They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:


An Open Thread by Adah

This story is mainly about a young adult who is about 22 years old. His name is Konoharu (not Konohamaru from Naruto).

The main theme of this story is where Konoharu meets a special person one day... His main goal was to find a friend, but he finds someone more special than a friend. (For those who are reading this before the story, I don't want to spoil it for you.)


A reason I created this story was because I could bring my imagination to life not only was I gaining art skills, my story witing skills were improved. I mainly was inspired for this because of my crazyy goal of becoming a book writer. My inspiration for art was because of my photography skills.


mooshed by Ella

My story is about a young frog who discovers he is much different than everybody else, but finds one person to support him through his troubles.


What I did to create this was really think about my love for frogs. Frogs have always been known as different and I found that special. What inspired me to really come up with this was cottage core. It's a style that I love and it always gives off a vibe of pleasure with its nice sceneries. What I would like to do next in general is make more paintings or art that shows emotion. Art with emotion and thought is some of the best things out there.


Thank you for checking out my story!


Despairing Illusion by Oliver

My story is about characters in my upcoming fanganronpa meeting each other and getting to know each other. It is a kind of choose your own adventure that has 2 endings.

When this apprenticeship is over, I want to work on making my fanganronpa into a full video game. Something I tried during this apprenticeship was coding on the website. I would like to try more coding and eventually become a famous video game maker.


Oops Too Late, Huh?
by Valeria

My story is about a boy who like a girl but he has powers to hide from people. All I want people to know about this story is that they have to stop being afraid and just say what you have to say before it's too late.

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