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It's a normal, bright sunny day in Kyoto, Japan and a normal day for our main character, Konoharu.

Konoharu is just sitting in bed, adjusting to the new day. 

A special day...

As Konoharu heads downstairs, he almost trips over his cat, Chester.


"Eh!? Chester when were you right there?"

30 mintues later...

Konoharu is currently praying at tokohashi shrine on a hot summer day, and Chester is currently sleeping.

Suddenly there was a loud thud 18 feet away from Konoharu.


Are you ok?

Konoharu and our new character Mori are currently apologizing to each other for being a 'burden to each other's day.'

10 minutes later...


I never noticed how cool he looks up close; he's quite cute, actually.

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