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Forg: I met up with this super nice lady named Lera! She was telling me how she never liked her village and thought I was much out of their league. She told me there was talking about how they thought my powers were useless to a frog species and how I was never meant to be a mushroom ruler as a frog. She told me she thought I was great and thought about spending more time together in the forest. She has taught me plenty about mushrooms so far and if I really am a mushroom ruler or even god, I know I won't be alone in the fighting.

Forg: Lera came up to me today and said that she had a suggestion, to show the village my powers, again? I had already done that when I had first arrived and it didn't work. But this time when I showed them, they had no reaction, which I don't know if that's good or bad. But the queen came up to me and started smiling. She said no matter what the village thought that she was proud of me. I don't know what changed her mind but she also said it was okay if Lera lived with me out in my forest if I visited often. I thought it was great!

Lera: On my way back to the village castle, I heard news. Forg is finally being accepted by my community and peers. I don't usually care for village gossip but I couldn't help but listen to the best news I've ever gotten. I run back to the castle and I see my mother. She has a talk with me about the pine forest and to stay safe from any potential danger, and how I was to visit frequently. I immediately agreed and got ready to leave with Forg. His home is much different then what I grew up in but I could get used to it. I'm super exited to seek my new path with my best friend.

Lera: Hi, I have come across something quite strange. A frog with the power to levitate mushrooms? This weird frog species might have to help me out here, therefore they do seem interesting. I might just go with them back to their forest and away from my crazy village.

Hello, I am Forg. I have lived in this wonderful pine forest for many years, and I just woke up to see a strange sight. A bunch of mushrooms started floating all around me! I have no idea what to do so now I am going to head to the mushroom village outside my forest and see if they are willing to help me out with this luck.

Lera: I met up with Forg in the pine forest today, he was showing me some of his powers. I was so speechless at the time and I couldn't believe he was so advanced. I took multiple videos and showed it to my mother. She was in shock too and showed the whole village. Even though the video was true, They still did not believe me. Even though their own ruler said so. I met up with Forg again and told him everything. He had a feeling of emptiness on his face. Which gave me an idea. I was going to show the whole village real life footage, for the second time.

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