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"Hi, my name is Alexander. I'm in a school with a bunch of humans."

"I'm not a human, I'm part animal -- any animal."

Violet is a popular person but she gets bullied because of the scars she has.

Anyways back with Violet 

I don’t understand why people bully her over her scars..

I can't believe I'm in this school because of my mom.

Like why? They're beautiful.

And i can’t believe i fell for a human..

Alexander: huh?   


??: Hey Alex how’s it going?

Alexander: My name is alexander..   

??: same thing!

This is my friend Carder. He’s hopeless.

Carder: hey alex were u able to talk to Violet??

Alexander: no..

Damn u can’t even talk to her that's sad.

bye see u in lunch<3

Hey, you are Alexander, right?

Uh yeah?

Great I was wondering if we could be friends if that's ok?

Bye Alex see you tomorrow!

Bye Violet

brother: Hey Alex!

Alexander: What do you want?

Brother: Do you like Violet or something?

Alexander: No now come on or we are going to be late.

Alexander: What the hell is going on?

Alexander you are expelled!

What do you want?

I’m sorry I didn’t know this was going to happen .

It's not your fault.

I like you too..

Sorry but I have to go.


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