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"hey? hello?"


Ayaka ending/firework ending

“hm? oh right, introductions. my name is Mari Nakata!”

“thank you!"

“i forgot to mention it, im the ultimate orchestra conductor. you?”

“nice to meet you!, whats your ultimate?”

“where did you get it from??"

“nice to meet you! i really like your skirt”

*you stare off into space for a moment questioning your sanity*

"i cant really remember"

“you dont remember your ultimate??”

“you were listening to us?”

“not really, i only overheard a little bit and it reminded me that someone else couldnt remember their ultimate either! sorry to interrupt, my names Ayaka!”

*Ayaka points to the person who doesn’t remember their ultimate*

“thats my sister!! im going to go talk to her if thats alright with you guys, maybe help her remember her ultimate?”

*you are now alone with Ayaka and the only thing she is interested in talking about is fireworks*

“my sister made it for me! she should be here, shes the ultimate fashion designer”

*mari looks around the room and points to her* “we’re twins”

“cool! i see it now, you both look a lot alike”

“yeah, we dont act alike at all though! hey, do you wanna go look around the mall?


*they walk around the mall, and decide to make a blanket fort and hangout.*

Hangout ending

Click the elevator to continue

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