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Suddenly, the forest begins to grow dark again. Merely an afterthought since they first saw it, the wolf was on their trail again and approaching quickly. They look towards the tree and see it's not that much farther. A sound of branches breaking alerts them of the wolf and they set off running towards their goal.

The forest gets thicker and darker as trees fly past them, but even with their speed the sound of the wolf moving can be heard behind them. It's paws crash against the forest floor, carpeted by the heavy bed of leaves and needles. Penny suddenly stops, staring at the ring of trees in front of them that block their path.

The wolf slows down, walking towards Penny slowly but otherwise remaining passive. It's eyes glow bright in the dark forest and it pushes them right up to Penny. They sit there, staring in silence for a moment until an arrow is shot from nearby and stabs into the wolf. It let's out a horrible cry of agony and flails around, catching Penny with it's claws in the process...

Penny slumps back against the tree, a bleeding wound in their chest. The wolf lies on the ground, dead. Victor emerges from behind a tree, his smug look wiped off his face. He rushes to Penny and is able to stop the flow for the moment.

Penny starts to feel light headed, but they must reach the tree. They reach out their and point to the tree and get off their feet with every bit of energy they have. Without a word the solemn three head off in the direction of the tree, its imposing figure now casting a shadow over them...

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