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They rush to the tree as fast as they can, with Penny clutching a scrap of Victor's cloak to their bleeding wound. The world has started to fade and they can swear they see the wisps of spirits as they stumble through the forest.

After what feels like an eternity they reach the trunk of the tree. Barely able to see it clearly, Penny puts their hand up against it and rests, right before drifting into a feverish sleep. The last image they see before passing out is a strange figure pushing their way to spirits to grab Penny.

Penny catches glimpses of their journey up the tree, Perin and Victor now gone. The stranger, clad in the mask of a wolf, carries them up long wooden steps. The farther they go the more spirits they can see and a weight pulling them downward gets stronger. The bark is brighter and joyous compared to the trunk. Eventually they reach the top, the pull almost impossibly to resist. The leaves here are glowing with live and most of the spirits disappeared. Penny stands as the leaves start to glow, filling them with energy. But the pull is too strong. The leaf underneath them shifts and they drop...

They fall for what seems like forever. They see spirits circling them, some of them almost human while others are simply glowing orbs. They fly past they tree, perfectly calm in their last moment.

Eventually they hit the ground. But they don't feel anything, they don't feel like they're dead. They open their eyes and look around. The roots of the tree surround them, dark and sullen. More spirits than ever flock around this area, but they don't look as sad as the surrounding area. Mushrooms and crystals dance through the dirt, while the roots branch out ever further. Penny looks at the roots and sees the thinnest path. As they start to fade, joining their fellow spirits, they see a small mushroom sprout...

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