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As Penny continues walking the forest becomes denser and even less light is able to escape through the leaves. Penny pauses for a second to allow their eyes to readjust, then keeps going forward.

The muffled sound of their footfalls breaks the odd silence covering the forest for quite some time until Penny hears brush rustling nearby

As soon as they hear this new sound they jump behind a nearby bush to conceal themselves from whatever is out there. They peek their head out from the bush and look into the clearing...

A large wolf stands in the clearing, sniffing the air as if it were searching for something. Its eyes glow with the same yellow light that the orbs do, but now they are the only source of light in this part of the forest. As Penny shifts to get a better view of the wolf a branch snaps beneath their feet and the wolf turns towards them 

Penny ducks behind the bush and holds their breath, hoping the wolf just forgets what happened. They can feel it's gaze burning the bush and into them, it's body getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a squirrel scampers up a tree nearby, the wolf following it upward. The sound of it's footsteps begin to recede as it moves from the clearing...

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