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Penny stretches out as they walk further, finally out of the dense area of the forest. They stare into the sky and relish the cool blue sky until they suddenly trip over something.

"Hey watch where you're going! You're lucky I'm not seriously hurt."

Penny spots a small flower in the ground, her head crowned in vibrant petals. They get back up and lean down to greet the flower, though she still looks disgruntled.

"Well you seem nice. At least your better than some of the other people who pass through here and just ignore me. Hmm, maybe there's a way you could make it up to me..."

"I've always wanted to get out of the ground and see other parts of the forest. If it's anything like what I'm used to it'll be very boring, but you got to try. Just put me in one of those pots you have and we can go. It's a miracle they didn't break when you fell. I'm Perin by the way."

Penny puts Perin in a pot with some dirt and the two continue towards the tree...

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