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While moving through the forest, now with Perin planted on their shoulder, Penny hears a shout from behind them.

"You there, yes you mushroom fellow with the flowers. Stop what you are doing at once, this is of great importance..." 

Penny turns around to see a rabbit wearing hunter's clothes holding a bow and arrow with a smug look on their face.

"Yes, thank you for finally acknowledging me, that was quite fast considering you are carrying three whole flowers. Anyway, I, Victor Pellywob the 7th, must request your help for a daring task I am to complete."

He closes his eyes for a moment to catch his breath as Perin sticks her tongue out at him, then he resumes talking.

"I've recently been tracking a deadly giant boar that has been terrorizing the forest, and it would greatly help my pri-, excuse me I mean the forest if we could could hunt it down and kill it. Now where should we go?"

You find a path through the forest strewn with trampled trees, and on closer inspection you see the hoof prints of a boar in the mud. As Penny looks a bit closer Victor shoves them out of the way.

"Oh wow, boar prints. Another great find by Victor! We must hurry if we wish to find this boar soon."

The three follow the tracks until a large rumbling starts to pick up in sound behind them. Right as they turn to see the source a ginormous boar bursts from the forest and sprints after them. They run through the forest, the boar right on their heels, until they slam into a tree, knocking it down and right onto the boar. As they inspect its still body it appears to be knocked out. Victor cheers and fires a single arrow into it's hide, then puts his foot on it.

"Hoorah! Victor is Victorious! I have the slain the beast, and simply by myself. Well, thank you so much you can go now..."

Penny searches around a tree dripping with blood but they find nothing. For all they know a random bird could have had a very unfortunate accident. 

"How much longer is this going to take! At least when I was alone I could actually make some progress like, ummm... nevermind. Let's just keep looking for this boar."

After a bit more time of searching in silence Penny spots a bush with a large whole in it, and the seem thick blood leading into it. They all crawl through the thorny bush and eventually come to a large clearing with the boar sleeping inside. Victor sneaks up to the boar and stands on his nose until it snorts and wakes up, sending him tumbling off. The boar wakes up and snorts angrily, but right before it slams into the three of them a tree collapses onto the boar, sending a cascade of trees burying the boar underneath it.

"Another victory by Victor, hoorah! Your help was not needed, but if it was I would have been grateful. Goodbye!"

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