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Penny and Perin continue moving through the forest while the forest becomes incredibly thick and tangled. They push through branches blocking their path and huge bushes that seem to pop out of nowhere. After an hour or so of little progress they stop to break.

They can still see the tree through a small gap in the tree cover, but the branches are too large and knotted to see much else.

As they return to traveling a large thorny bush blocks their path that they are forced to squeeze through. As Penny starts to look around they notice something is missing. Perin! Perin must have gotten dragged into the bush while they went through. They turn around to reenter the bush but are met with something completely different....

Dry gray grasses stretches on forever, stopped only by the wall of fog that makes it impossible to see too much farther. Dead trees and stumps spot the bleak landscape,  but they see nothing else. Suddenly, they spot a small movement.

It's gone as fast as it appeared. But as Penny looks closely they spot creatures, small with large eyes and pointed hats, poking their heads out from behind cover and scurrying through the grass. As Penny looks around they see a gnome run right in between their legs.

They chase after it and right before they slam their hands down it turns into a silver dust that quickly disappears. They go after another gnome but it too vanishes right as they are about to grab it. After doing this for a while Penny spots a gnome with a silver cap, who is standing proudly on a stump with its tongue out. This time Penny goes for the gnome and misses, but is able to grab onto it after chasing them around the area. Once they do the scene around them melts, and Penny is back with Perin in the forest. The gnome coughs a cloud of silver dust into their face and scampers off as Penny is left confused...

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