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It's been a couple days since Penny fell. Victor and Perin were able to find a home in the tree, living with the tree's caretaker who had carried them up the tree that day. Penny's body lies where they had fallen, slowing fading into the soil.

Suddenly, color sprouts from their body. A single blue flower rooted in their chest grows, bringing vibrancy to the dreary scene. The next day a mushroom, this one a soft pink. Only their head remains at this point, but where their body once was grass carpets the ground.

More plants appear, day after day. A week passes and ferns adorn the area, surrounded by mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. Another week and a swath of wildflowers coat ground, spreading outward even further before. Their resting place becomes a beautiful garden, displaying a wide array of plants and fungi. What was once a sad area becomes something beautiful, and the denizens of the tree celebrate the new garden in remembrance of the one who fell...

But one day, something strange appears. Life sprouts from the garden once more, but this time it's different. A humanoid figure emerges from the garden, now the color of a sunset. 

They see their old friends and new people who haven't been met. But now they see something new. The same spirits who had tormented their trip up the tree appear here too, but they are passive. Some flit around the others, but most of them focus on this new Penny. Their friends lead them inside the tree, excited to show the developments that were missed while Penny was gone. As they are pulled into the tree they catch a glimpse of the mysterious stranger who had taken them to the top. A sudden gust of wind shifts their wolf mask and a hint of sunset can be seen underneath, but it is gone as soon as it came.

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