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Penny continues walking through the forest, hoping to reach the tree soon. They have no idea how far it is, but the rest of the forest seems to stretch on endlessly so they plod ever further

Staring intently at the mysterious tree far in the distance, Penny stops looking where they are going and with a crash they slam into a tree and fall to the ground. As they get back up and brush themselves off they hear a voice call to them...

"Well hi there little fella. You had quite the tumble there. I'd try to help you up, but as you can see that would be pretty difficult."

Penny jumps back as they talk, then stares at the tree looming over them, a kind old face jutting from it's trunk. The tree continues,

"It's so nice having someone in this area of the forest. It's normally just a squirrel or bird that happens to be passing by, and while I enjoy their company, they can never understand me. Your reaction to my words makes me think otherwise, but you're about as talkative as they are, so I'm really just guessing. I'm sure you're busy with whatever you were rushing towards, but I've got to ask if you'd like to stay and chat with me for a bit more. I'd be grateful if you did!"

Penny leaves the tree behind, choosing to focus on reaching the tree as fast as possible. Besides, it could have taken up valuable time that they can't lose. With one final glance backwards Penny sees the tree looking sad but pushes forward regardless... 

"Thank Goodness! I'd understand if you were rushed and needed to hurry, but I am ever so grateful that you stayed. Take a seat and I can share some of my stories with you. This might not be the most exciting part of the forest but I'm a very old tree."

Penny sits and listens to the old tree's stories of the forest, spending the whole afternoon with their new friend and forgetting about the strange new world they arrived in..."

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