Penny sees they are getting closer to the tree, but their excitement is overshadowed by Perin's loud complaining of the person they previously encountered.

The two stumble onto a large clearing with very little grass. The dirt underneath them is incredibly flat and devoid of any brush. In the corner of the clearing they spot a figure sweeping away the slightest bit of uncleanliness...

A fox in an apron turns to see the pair approaching and looks anxious to see someone come into the clearing.

"Ummm, hello. I don't see many other people around here. Hey if you could please move off the uh clearing I'd appreciate it. You don't have to of course but it'd really make this a lot easier. I'm trying to make it all clean so I picked up everything and now I'm sweeping!"

He motions to the broom without stopping his sweeping, then swallows a visible lump and continues.

"So yeah, just trying to keep my space clean. I don't have much to do in this forest so might as well make myself busy! If you're looking for money or something I can't give you much, all I have is my lovely broom. Though please don't steal it please, someone scary came through here and I thought they wanted to steal it but didn't, that was a rough day. "

"Bye mushroom and flower! Thanks for stopping by that was incredibly fun. Bye! Don't step on the clearing I just got it clean. Bye!"

"Thank you so much for helpiiing! Now just don't step on the clearing. Yes, there's a twig that fell down right over there. Thank you. Oh umm sorry about that I'll try not to be so aggressive. Was I even being aggressive haha? I'm not sure I don't talk to other people much. Thank you!"

With some effort by Perin to not talk Penny helps tidy up the already immaculate clearing and sets off on their journey again...