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Penny walks through their quaint town, nestled into a large cavern housing mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are more alive than others, walking around and taking part in jobs and activities

Penny carries a bucket towards the mouth of a nearby cave system, going out to find flowers and mushrooms. If they're lucky they could even find a red one, quite rare at this time of year! This thought pushes them down the path quickly and their foraging begins.

They are able to grab a wide variety of plant life until they suddenly spot the slightest hint of red through a crack in the rock. Squeezing through, they find themselves next to a huge lake, glowing with bioluminescent deep underneath it. Across the lake Penny spots a ginormous red mushroom and excitedly rushes over...

The rocky shore shifts beneath them and Penny slips, heading straight for the water below. As they stare into the glowing surface they can almost make out a reflection.

With nothing except a faint sploosh Penny falls into the mysterious lake, the vibrant red of the mushroom still burned into their eyes...

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