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Penny wakes up disoriented, laying on the ground with soft dirt beneath them. They push themselves back up and begin to look around.

They appear to be in a large forest, trees towering over them. Strange lights dance and flicker through the trees, casting a soft glow over the shady forest floor. Through a gap in the trees Penny sees a tree dwarfing the rest of them.

Penny looks forward and focuses on the

Mysterious Tree

Shadowy Forest

They stare into the darkness, seeing nothing but more trees. The dense canopy blocks out most of the light that would reach the forest floor. As a glowing orb floats past Penny they reach out to touch it.

As their hand is about to connect with the orb it flickers out of existence. After a brief moment a shower of sparks flies from the orb that quickly fade away. Seeing nothing else below the treetop Penny looks up towards the mysterious tree...

Penny shifts their focus to the large tree, it's trunk an odd color compared to the other trees. White wisps of cloud seem to fade in and out as light shines through them. For a split-second they can see a ghostly face emerge, beckoning them to the tree. They shake their head and look again: nothing, just clouds.

They toss a glance at the forest around them and see the expanse of trees stretch endlessly. With now other way to go they start to head towards the tree...

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