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Penny walks into an area as a sharply dressed person jumps from behind a tree and starts talking to them,

"Well hey there Mx! Say, would you like to play a game? Shouldn't take anytime at all, it'll be quick actually. Just a second while I set it up,"

From seemingly nowhere the person procures a table and sets it on the ground in front of them, then pulls a ball and three cups from their pocket. They start to shuffle the ball back and forth between the cups, until Penny completely loses track of it. They stop moving the ball, then throw their hands up and talk further.

"Well, where's the ball. Shouldn't be too hard, I'm sure those eyes of yours were able to track it easily..."

Penny picks the....

1st Cup

2nd Cup

3rd Cup

"Oops, that's wrong"

"Sorry, incorrect"

"Nice try, but wrong"

Leave Sad

Punch Them

"Thanks for playing, hope you have some better luck next time..."

"OUCH! Ok, I was cheating fine. You know you can't just go hitting people like that. The nerve of some people."

As they slink back into the shadows Penny and Perin are alone again and continue forward...

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