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Three goblins stood in a cave, discussing their loot, a pile of gold laying in the middle of them

Another goblin emerges from the adjacent chamber of the cave. She was their leader, Akuji. They stood to face her as she looked down on them.

The tallest goblin stood to face Akuji, he looked nervous a he explained to akuji that baren, akuji's fiance had been killed during the mission.

Akuji thrust her dagger deep into the other goblin's stomach. He cried out in pain and his pleads for mercy echoed through the cave as he crumpled to the floor, slowly bleeding out.

"WHAT!" Akuji yelled, as she drew her dagger back. A look of pure hatred, mixed with something undescriable flashed on her face as she ran towards the tallest goblin.

Akuji stood over the body of the dead goblin, fuming as the other goblins scurried out of the cave. Shee looked down at the body shaking as she realized what she had done...

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