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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Spring 2022


This spring, 4 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories about Misplaced Beings.They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:


The Woods by Elliot

My story is about a teenage girl (Jane), who must venture into the dark and mysterious forest by her house, to get water from the well. She is on her way as usual, when she trips and then stands up, realizing that she is lost. She turns around and is startled by a disturbing creature.

I want the story to have a kind of cottagecore horror, farmcore horror aesthetic. It is set very far back in the past and I want that to be clear.


I want to write more scenes and stories and interactions between Jane and The Demon.


I have been experimenting with the drawing app, Procreate, along with using shade and texture more in my work.


I want to try drawing reflections in water, even though it is a little daunting.


Pip & Niv by Iris

This story is about a young angel and demon. I tried to make all the characteristics the same like Niv”s tooth and all the clothes being the same color. I wish for in the future to make more characters who are complete opposites that meet and break the normal stereotypes. I experimented with different tools on my iPad. I’m curious to try drawing poses more.

Untitled_Artwork (2).png

The Final Endings by Hazel

My scene is about “The Realm Of Below” Where a war has broken out between goblins and elves. The specific scene is where the goblin Queen Akuji gets enraged at one of her scouts/pillagers.

I want people to know that the art was entirely digital and that my entire story was inspired from a friend who decided to write their own story as well.

In the end I would like to finally finish the story. It is only this scene and one other at the moment, I hope that after the apprenticeship is over I can build on it to create a whole new book or story.

One of the new things that I tried during this apprenticeship was the program “Procreate”! I tried it for the first time which was really fun! I also experimented with different ways to create stories and worlds/characters that are complex and compelling.

In the future I want to work more with digital drawings to illustrate my stories and I also want to start writing more stories and improving my drawing skills.


Farlands by Ethan

My story is about a boy exploring this new land around him. It’s based on a video game setting, and I’ve taken references from Legend Of Zelda. I made this because I wanted to just practice how I drew terrain and scenery. I also just like to have fun with the little cartoon people. After this apprenticeship, I’m most likely going to continue to add to this story periodically, if I get bored enough. Something that I definitely played around with this apprenticeship is how I decided to not draw digitally. Instead, I stuck to the traditional paper and pencil. Unfortunately, I ended up having to use these erasable Crayola colored pencils that I got in 6th grade. (They color horribly and I had to do it in a car). One thing that I want to try the next time I do something art-related, is to see what I can do digitally. There are certain aspects of art that are far easier when done digitally, so I would like to see how they compare to each other. Thank you for looking at my art. 

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