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Our Little Love Story

Name: Jonah Andrew Saint Claire

Age: 16

Pronouns: They/He (They preferred)

Likes: Cats, The color blue, piercings, Robyn Fletcher

Dislikes: Their parents, homophobic people, people who refer to them as Julia

Name: Robyn William Fletcher

Age: 17

Pronouns: He/Him

Likes: Dogs, The color red, books, Jonah Saint Claire

Dislikes: Jonah's parents, chocolate syrup, chamomile tea

There he is again. That boy always sits two rows behind me, in every class. Does he know who I am? Is it weird that I hope he does??

GAHHH!! That dang purple haired boy…he’s all I can think about…

A few weeks later, 9:00 PM

Another boring day…as usual. But hey, Robyn smiled at me!!


Oh. Someone’s knocking.

“..hey. I can’t sleep.”




“..could I sleep with you?”

“..yeah. Go ahead.”

“C’mon, then.”

Robyn: This is nice…they’re sleeping on my chest…

Jonah: I’m falling asleep so quickly…this boy must be magic.

“Yawn Goodnight, Robyn…”


“..sleep well, Jonah.”


Jonah: He’s so warm…


“..hey, Robyn?”


No response…


“..I think I love you.”

We’ve become friends already…


He’s so kind, that brown haired boy.

He’s strong, too…Picked me up when Emelie asked for a picture…

And he’s kind…he keeps me safe.

Robyn: That purple haired flirt…they make me so happy and so annoyed…

Robyn: I think I love them…

Jonah: I think I love him…

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