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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Spring 2024


This spring, 3 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories.

They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:

Profile pic.PNG


by Adabelle

I’m Adabelle, my pronouns are they/he/it and I’m from Eugene Oregon. Some the things that inspire me are music, cats, and other artists. My project is about a evil organization that kidnaps people with “abilities”  (like teleportation, super speed, super strength) and experiments on them. At first is the website for them and as you click through you come to a video that shows a person they kidnapped and trapped as the people ask the person questions. I want people when they see my project to find the story interesting. Something new I tried with this project is trying a new way of doing the outline by not always connecting everything and making everything look super clean. Something I want to do more often with art is caring a bit less if it look super clean.

Cellblock 2
by Marshall

Im Marshall, my pronouns are He/Him. I was born in Wisconsin, but moved relatively quickly, where I spent most of my years in Coos Bay. After my parents divorce, my dad moved to eugene and i stayed in Coos Bay for awhile, visiting my dad every weekend with a two hour drive, which was extremely exhausting. Eventually me and my mom moved to eugene aswell, where i started staying with my mom permanently, instead of moving house to house. My art, or more specifically my comic, is heavily inspired by the human body. Which is one of my many interests. On the topic of my comic, it is about my idea of what an autoimmune attack would look like, but more humanized. I really want people to feel interested, or fascinated about my art and my comic.


I have never done this before, I am both a digital artist and a storyteller(or writer), i don't usually get the chance to make my stories into actual comics, which was new for me. I would really like to make more of my stories into comics.


Our Little Love Story
by Rose

Who are you?

Hi my name is Rose, I use they/she pronouns and I really like blue!


What inspires you?

Mostly fanart from fandoms, fanfic, prompts, or ideas me and my friends make up together.


What is your project about?

Two boys mutually pining until they finally kiss and confess.


What do you want people to see in your project?

I’d like people who feel the same was Jonah feels about Robyn to feel recognized by my project, and perhaps gain the confidence to say something to their own Robyn.


What is something new you tried?

I don’t usually create stories out of my art, but this one turned out well!


What is something you want to do more of?

Definitely more world building and fleshing out of the characters.

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