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Luna lives with her owner.

Her owner is a collector.

But enough about the collecting owner,

This is a story about the item the collecting owner brought home to Luna.

The owner is loud,

Luna doesn’t like her very much.

Luna judges the item that her owner brought home, which was a pumpkin, with maybe a little too much care.

Her imagination likes to run wild.

Which causes Luna herself to run wild!

Luckily, she often had a sidekick who follows her.

Reno is very helpful. Luna appreciated him in that very indirect catlike way.

She always took his advice, most of the time.

Did i mention that cats are way more technologically advanced than humans? Well, they are.

Ever since Luna discovered WIFI and the internet,

She has become more aware of her self image, such as potentially having the news lie about whether or not a pumpkin is normal or not.

She has also become very melodramatic. Example; fainting when she is humiliated

Reno helpfully saved her from fainting all the way apparently.

Luna is an internet star on a program called CatTube.

And she has many followers including a cat named Roda,

Who is apparently a reporter from the KRS? We’ll speak more on the KRS later.

Reno doesn’t believe the pumpkin story. And good friends tell each other when they disapprove.

Oh hey! Perfect timing Roda, here to make Lunas Pumpkin case a little more embarrassing? I hope not because that could end badly

Here's why I said Luna listens to Reno MOSTLY all the time

Roda talks too fast for anyone,

Including her fellow felines!

Of course, Roda is always prepared, hey wait! She’s showing proof that Luna was spooked by her imagination! The pumpkin really was normal!

Uh, Roda, it’s not good to point out the determinants of the internet in front of Luna.

She gets a wee bit mad.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Luna use your anger tools!

A catfight! Lunas therapy isn’t helping...

Luna has some dangerous pupils there! Watchout Roda!

Roda hissing won’t be enough for...

...Oh I forgot they have to breathe sometimes...

TRASH TALK CAT FIGHTS!!! This was all started by one lousy pumpkin and an unsatisfied reporter, and a runaway cat with a wild imagination, oh. Its all because of a lot of things...

Sorry lady, but you picked a noisy day for a walk.Luna really lost her temper, maybe Roda did too!

Huh? Luna stopped yowling? -Cough- She should do that at 4 am! -Cough- Anyway!

Good reasoning Luna. therapy is working!!

Uh oh.. Roda, think this through...

Oh No. Luna is not gonna like this response!!

Luna, live. This isn’t something to-

...Melt over. Great. Oh hey Reno! Got away from the cat fight huh?

OMG RENO. Luna, was this idea worth blasting Reno to the moon?

Oh. self pep talk. Pumpkins aren’t worth melting over!

Reno, stay outside. Don’t interfere with the cat rage and hunger frenzy, I think Luna missed Dinner.

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