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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Winter 2023


This winter, 3 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories about relating and finding community.

They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:


The Fetsival by Savanna

Hello my name is savanna Doll I go by she/her

And I have been doing art for as long as i can remember 

I love drawing cats and other animals i started art because I saw youtubers draw and i thought it was fun.


Rinstuck by Robbie

hi, my name is Robbie, i'm fourteen and i'm an artist :D

i'm the creator of Rinstuck, Rinstuck is a Homestuck fancomic.

My love of homestuck and being capable to draw made me think, what if i put myself and my friends in homestuck? so that's what i did!

what i would want to do next is flesh out a overarching story with these fantrolls.


Fickle Feline by Carmen

Carmen is an artist who adores cats and everything about them, including their love to yowl. She has one cat of her own, plus a dog, some chickens and a snail. She loves creating things, wether its drawing or sculptures, or songs or dances, she will created, even if it's horrible. She aspires to become a tattoo artist, so her art can travel the world. Her story was inspired by her cat, Mindy Fluffypants Escapadoodle Sasspot Explosion. Also known as Mindy F.E.S. Explosion. 

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