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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Fall 2023


This fall, 2 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories.

They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:


Bondstuck by Robbie

Oregon based artist; Robbie, he/him exclusively, the pinnacle of the modern day homestuck. Homestuck and so much other media inspires me with its sheer creativity, imagination and influence.


Bondstuck is about 3 alien kids playing a game together, meeting 3 others kids that join in this world ending game. I want people to see themselves in my work, wether it's the visuals, writing or theme.


In this webcomic I have tired more innovative artwork than my demo, Rinstuck, more gifs, more detailed and thoughtful animation and artwork. I want more of their story to be told, the demo and now act one is out, but one day i would love to have their finished story.

Content warning for Mature language


Salt and Pepper Diner
by Valentino

Valentino Hansen (He/They) is a 15 year old dude who is NOT a bunch of buff snails in a skin suit. He is inspired by a lot of different media, including Into/Across the Spiderverse, the Spider-Punk comics, Kirby, John Mulaney and slasher films.


He dreams of becoming a full time comic artist when they’re older. Their project is about a horse themed slasher in a diner, with a plethora of references to John Mulany’s work.  He’s hoping to get a smile from at least a few people with this comic. This is Valentino’s first time displaying a comic in a setting such as this, and it sure won’t be the last.

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