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Lane Arts Design Apprenticeship Winter 2024


This winter, 3 design apprentices worked on creating digital stories.

They developed their own stories, characters and artwork for this website. See their artist statements below:

Copy of in defence of.png

In Defense of Haunted Houses
by Athena

Hey! My name’s Athena, I’m a 17yo multimedia artist from Oregon :) I’m a dog person; I also love the coast, good coffee, and movies. 

Duck Pond
by Caitlin

Caitlin is an aspiring animator with a passion for birdwatching. Combined with her love of art and weird humor she presents her own drawings and stickers of birds that can be found in the United States. In her free time she also enjoys cross stitching, reading, and playing video games. Her favorite bird is the Greater Sage Grouse! Which can be found here in eastern Oregon. In the future, Caitlin hopes that she can make more bird stickers and use her animation skills to educate the public on birds!

Gooseposter (1).jpg


by Maia

When I say that I'm an artist, I'm not trying to imply that I drink wine while stroking my goatee, trying to figure out which shade of toxic paint fits the landscape oil painting I’m dedicating my soul to.


What I’m actually implying is that I walk around town in silly clothes, listening to a playlist consisting of three songs, imagining characters fighting to the death, or kissing or kissing to the death. I’m implying that my favorite part of a video game is the character customization screen. I’m implying that my room is full of unused art supplies that I don’t plan on using, or getting rid of. I’m implying that I want to eat colors. I’m implying that I walk around, talking to myself when no one else is home, trying to come up with cool dialogue that I’ll never write down, for the imaginary comic I’ll never make. I’m implying that I like to imply things.


Enjoy my art! I know I do!

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